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Find your
path forward.

Let us help you navigate your divorce journey so that you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

We can help you realign your life. 

Choosing to divorce can be a huge decision. And with it comes a slew of new and unfamiliar additional decisions. This overwhelming process is challenging to navigate with so much to know and organize before, during, and after a divorce.

With first-hand experience, a wealth of knowledge, and an established network of partners, we can support you through the separation and divorce process by putting a plan in place to ensure you don’t overlook important details such as: determining the best way to divorce, selecting your divorce team, providing discovery to your attorney, planning for your co-parenting future, finding new living arrangements, organizing finances, honoring personal commitments, mapping your digital footprint and taking care of yourself throughout the process.

Divorce Source is your go-to resource to help you prioritize, plan, and get "the stuff done" so you can move in a new and true direction. 

Meet Shari

Founder and expert divorce navigator.

After her divorce, Shari found herself needing to transform and restart her life as a single mom. The task was easier said than done, and she quickly found herself overwhelmed with many life and lifestyle decisions to make and  mounds of questions that made her head spin. Piece-by-piece, Shari found her way to her new post-divorce, single mom life. During this journey,

she discovered that her operations, project management and client services experiences, had a whole new purpose. She wanted to
put it to work helping others who are contemplating divorce, going through divorce and re-establishing life post-divorce. 

Shari Herzberg Divorce Navigation

With the right support, the end of a marriage can be a bright new beginning.

“'Although I was involved with all aspects of my divorce decree, once it was finalized, I was paralyzed and didn’t know how I could manage my custody calendar and keep track of my kids’ reimbursable expenses. Post Divorce Force helped implement easy systems for keeping track of these items..”

- KS

“While married, I was responsible for the kids and running our home. Once divorced I was faced with the daunting task of learning everything else– finances, choosing health insurance, booking travel and car maintenance to name just a few. Post Divorce Force helped me bridge this gap and now I know I can manage all aspects of my life.”

- FM

“Post Divorce Force helped me tackle the overwhelming task of recouping years of money owed to me, by divorce decree. Shari provided a clear, strategic plan for tracking expenses, obtaining past insurance/medical and cash/credit expenditures, and keeping on track in the future.”

- HY

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