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Our Services

Navigating the divorce process can be complicated. At Divorce Source, we educate our clients so that they understand what’s involved with a divorce and how to move through the transition as smoothly as possible. Our clients can save time and money by doing things correctly. Divorce Source works with you confidentially without the added background and emotion that often clouds judgement. Our goal is to help clients make informed decisions at every corner based on what’s best for their life. Additionally, we have vetted our vast network of partners and can provide referrals and introductions to the best in the industry. 


At Divorce Source, we will help you navigate and carry out many detailed life logistics.
We've got you covered and can help you navigate challenging life transitions. 


We specialize in making it all happen from end to end and everything in between. We do our job well, so you can stress less and regain precious time and energy to focus on your career, health and emotional wellness, children and family.


We strive to help your family gain control, create the path forward, and restart your lives.

A sampling of our services include:



✔ Exploring ways one can divorce

✔ Connecting with divorce

    professionals and selecting your


✔ Preparing yourself emotionally for

    the journey to come

✔ Getting all your ducks in a row

    before sharing your decision



✔ Working on discovery

✔ Identifying creative solutions for

    difficult situations

✔ Preparing for mediation or trial



✔ Ensuring clients understand and

    carry out the details of their

    divorce decree

✔ Establishing new accounts across

    the board. From financial and

    medical, to entertainment and

    home security 

✔ Setting up methods to track

    unreimbursed shareable expenses

✔ Creating online co-parenting


✔ Decluttering your house and

    making it your very own nest   

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