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  • When we work together, will my information be kept private?
    Yes, everything we do is confidential.
  • How do you work with people?
    Divorce Source provides a customized level of service and support based on each client’s mental, emotional, and physical bandwidth and logistical needs.
  • Can I set up a call with you to pick your brain?
    Of course! I offer a free 30-minute session.
  • If I already have a therapist, lawyer, an accountant, a financial advisor, and life coach, do I need you too?"
    Yes, I help you navigate and transform the logistical areas of your life such as your home, finances, and the custody management of your children and shared finances.
  • Do you work with both women and men?
    Yes, I work with both hetero and same sex families.
  • Do I need to prepare before meeting with you?
    No. Our first session is an information session where together we will identify your needs and areas of support.
  • When’s the right time to get started with you?
    Anytime is the right time. We’ll set up a call and talk about where you are in the process and what areas you feel you might need support.
  • My attorney asked me to provide so much information for my case. Can you help me with this?
    Of course we can! We’ll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, roll up our sleeves, and start tackling the work.
  • What types of financial support services do you offer?
    Divorce Source can help you to organize and independently manage your day-to-day financial life following your divorce including paying bills, credit building, and basic budgeting.
  • How can you work with clients who have to move from their homes after a divorce?
    We will work together to prioritize your home life needs and goals, determine the level of support, and identify the resources you need. Divorce Source can manage the whole process from preparing your house to go on the market, to moving out, and transitioning you and your family into your new home. We provide end-to-end services for all home transition needs. We also take care of those smaller projects so you have time to focus on the big stuff.
  • My married life was full of passwords and online accounts that we both shared. How can you work with me to restart my digital footprint?
    If cleaning up and restarting your digital footprint is a priority, we offer a systematic approachwill work thru a systematic approach to organizing and re-establishing your online accounts and passwords.
  • I am not sure which calendar to use to keep track of my custody arrangement. Can you help me with this?
    Yes, we will work together to clarify your needs and identify the best online/offline custody calendar solution.
  • I want to make sure I’m following my settlement agreement properly. Can you help me figure out what I’m supposed to do?
    We can go over it line by line and make an action list of what needs to be done today, 6 months from now, and ongoing. I can also help tackle that list!

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