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Managing Holiday Stress: Books to Help Recharge During the Holidays and into 2022

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Whether divorced or coupled, most of us can agree on one thing as we enter the last few weeks of the year: The holiday season can be full of fun and cheer, but it can also stress us out as we frantically check off every item on our “to do” lists. As hard as it may be, I really try to find some time most days to give myself a little gift of peace. A few minutes of “me time” helps me relax and recharge for what’s ahead. For me, one of the best ways to recharge is to slip away to a quiet corner with a book. The right read can help me escape to another place, or engage my brain in something other than holiday planning and the list of things I need to get going on as soon as January 1 arrives. So while I know it is not easy, go for it. And start with just a few pages in a book you may have wanted to pick up but keep putting off. Check out a few of these book ideas to get your started... The Comfort of the Classics When we feel overwhelmed, it’s often helpful to turn to things we know - things that bring us familiarity and a sense of peace. Often, rereading a favorite classic story or novel can bring you that secure, settled feeling you are craving. As you dive into the pages of a familiar story it is like you are returning home after a long trip. Here is a reminder of the best-loved classics to get you on your way. The Challenge of a New Perspective Sometimes taking 30 minutes to read something uplifting is all it takes to give you a different perspective. I love these three books for how they have taken developing a new mindset to a new place and encouraged me to look at challenges, people and some tough situations with a bit of a different lens.

The Joy of Travel Planning & Exploration

Looking ahead brings more joy than looking back! While some people may not be ready to begin world travel yet, anticipation may be the best part of the journey. Researchers say that just planning your trip can make you happier than actually taking the trip. Since you don’t have to actually board the plane to experience the joy of travel, go ahead and escape to parts unknown, with the books suggested below.

The Jumpstart to a New Year’s Resolution

One of the most common goals at the start of each new year is acquiring a new skill. For those who have thought about learning a new language, here are some recommendations to help you get started.

Happy Holidays! No matter where you are in your stage of divorce, I hope you can head into 2022 refreshed, less stressed, and recharged!

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